Pixracer ESP8266 arduplane log download timeout

Hello. I use pixracer with esp8266 telemetry module. 1-2 years later i use pixracer with arducopter and can download logs via wifi bridge. Now i return to hobby with zohd dart 250g and arduplane 4.0.3. But logs can not be downloaded via wifi. I receive timeout error. Has anyone encountered a similar problem? How fix it?
I try target fmuv4 and pixracer. Same behavior on both.

Hi Alexey, I see the same problem. The telemetry itself works but the log download shows timeout errors. Which firmware version of the esp8266 and which groundstation software do you use? My setup here is

  • QGroundControl on Windows
  • ESP firmware 1.0.11
  • PixRacer R15 hardware
  • I have changed the serial5 protocol setting to Mavlink 2 but that did not make a difference


@fredowski hello!

  1. first of all i found MWOSD changes SRx parameters, result - lost all wifi telemetry. I disable this option in MWOSD configurator and configure SR0 and SR1 parameters manually as described in FAQ.
  2. second: mission planner and QGC like change SRx parameters. AND after QGC changes - wifi telemetry also not work. So i disable this settings in QGC.
  3. Load MAVESP8266 1.2.2
  4. Configure SR2,SR3 like this
  5. Change “Mavlink v1” to “Mavlink v2” in Serial5
    and now i can download logs via wifi with Mission Planner. QGC still cant. I don’t know why. And not dig to this anymore.

Thanks for the info! I will try that. There is some discussion about the log download timeout in QGC here: https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol/issues/5950 I guess it is the same problem. However, the telemetry itself works over Wifi, i.e. whatever QGC changes in the SRx parameters - that seemed to work. I also see a problem in the Mission transfer.

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maybe, but with usb connection log download in QGC work. But my logs less 5-6MB.

@fredowski Thanks for posting across to QGC Issues so I saw this. I just put up a pull which should hopefully make log download work on lossy connections. Should be available in daily builds in a few hours.

also i want to try https://github.com/ArduPilot/mavesp8266
Now esp have http://www.grubba.com/mavesp8266/firmware-1.2.2.bin.
I think this old firmware without this commit
Maybe it will work better

Hi Alexey, I managed to make a log download of 150 MByte in approx. 4 hours via the ESP8266 wifi link. This was with a PixRacer with Arduplane 4.0.3, ESP firmware 1.2.2 and the daily build QGC with the patch from @DonLakeFlyer for infinite retries. The Pixracer was powered via USB and there were no further peripherals. I could however not connect at all in the production vehicle where I have RFD868 at Telem1, a raspberry pi zero at Telem2, GPS at Serial 3, Frsky telemetry at Serial 4 and the Wifi at Serial 5. I turned out that once we disable Serial2 (the Raspberry Pi) or set the baudrate of Serial2 to 9600 Baud - then we can connect with the ESP8266.

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Hi Alexey, I noted some test results on the QGC issue 8325 page. With the daily build on QGC I get 10.6 kB/s throughput for a log download. I managed to download a 100MB and a 57MB file.

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