Pixhawk external I²C LED docs?

Morning! Could anybody point me to the docs for the external I²C LED? I was thinking of coding a WS2812b controller which compatible command set.

depends on which external LED you are specifically referring to… however mostly these are ToshibaLED devices, and are programmed via the AP_Notify library in ArduPilot.
These were chosen in preference to BlinkM due to two issues at the time:
1 - blinkm cost nearly double, and 2 - blinkm licensing was non-comercial, so limiting.

Thanks! I was thinking of the original LED - I haven’t followed the development in the last year or so due to personal reasons but good to know that there’s something new coming up. I might wanna integrate that too :).

Looks easy enough to implement. Umm, how does the AP differentiate between external and internal LED? By I²C ID or by bus ID? /libraries/AP_Notify/ToshibaLED_PX4.cpp includes drivers/drv_rgbled.h. It might be because it’s early in the morning but where is the drivers subdir?

I just did a driver for the PixRacer onboard LED and I had to make changes in the APHAL as well as build a new class for the LED. I believe the internal i2c LED driver is for the onboard LED in the Pixhawk and the external i2c driver is for the Toshiba LED.


Found it and prototype is already working :). Now I have to cleanup the code and throw it to Github.