Pixhawk 2 Second release?

Look, my rub comes from the way the communication (or lack thereof) has been handled. I know someone on this board quite well who bought one of these items from a US distributor and it was like pulling teeth to get updates. He purchased the standard kit around Christmas and has yet to take delivery of it. Trying to get an update on status didn’t come when he asked the distributor; only status came via an email blast when it became apparent a second delay was upcoming. To that distributor’s credit, however, said distributor offered free shipping to offset the inconvenience.

Not everyone frequents this forum, or Facebook for that matter. I know the person I’m referring to rarely visits Facebook. Not all of us are on it I’m just saying it would be nice to get updates via an email list if something is going on.

Whether it’s between manufacturer and distributor, distributor and customer, there needs to be maybe a better effort and not taking foregranted that EVERYONE is using Facebook or this forum.

Just my opinion on the matter after watching the frustration this has all caused. Especially when you’ve paid for something nearly three months ago that hasn’t been delivered.

I probably will wait for an Edison one. At any rate I cannot touch this one for a few months at least. So if anyone wants it they can have it for what I paid – I am in the US and will not ship overseas.

How would you like payment? Located in the U.S.
You can PM me the info.


Hi All
I can confirm that production is well underway! jigs are up and running (all power bricks have gone through their shiny new jig and passed!)
Cubes are going through the jig, that is a slow process, as they go through 1 at a time…

carrier boards are being tested now :slight_smile:

GPS’s start next week… all looking

@Proficnc Thanks for the update! Much appreciated, i can almost smell the sweetness that is new electronics to bolt on, and spend many nights and hours programming and tweaking im sure…
Funny you mention testing the cubes one at a time, in my internet travels i watched a video of one testing yesterday. :slight_smile:


Any idea when orders slated for “Late February” will ship? I ordered on 1/30 for late-Feb. and have not heard anything since.


Hi @proficnc, is it possible to have some videos and/or images of the process. We would love to see that.

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Just my idea
It would be nice if later boards provide enough power for telemetry radio.
Not having to power RFD900 separately can save some mess…and more fool proof.

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Is that testing the IMU? We need more videos! More information! :slight_smile:

Here is a video I just made of the new batch being made…


Hey profic are Edison carrier boards being made too? In the video those look like standard carriers (or at the stage of production where the pinouts and holder for Edison are still omitted? I have the Edison version on order so give me some good news :slight_smile:

There were some Edison’s in the video :slight_smile:

I totally agree that some company/organization info on the website would be helpful all around.
Because there isn’t any info on hex aero or proficnc, a lot of assumptions get made. We don’t know if it’s one company, hundreds of people, or 5 kids making use of an old Radio Shack "shack."
When I searched google, I ended up with a photo of what I think is probably Phillip’s house.

I’ve been working on something else for a few weeks now, just catching up on what I missed… I just happened to get the summary email from the server and ended up here first. There are some posts that seem less than delightful, maybe hastily written, that I’m hoping make more sense if I read everything from the beginning. Good chance nobody really wants my opinion anyway… :slight_smile:

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Feel free to join in to the community, we have weekly development calls, and are very active here, Facebook, and about everywhere that there is discussion…

But for now, it’s time to move this conversation on. Contact your local distributor for information, and they have a direct personal contact with me.