Pixhawk 2.4.6 solid 'red' power LEDs. Is it bricked?

All is good.

Installing the firmware with QGroundControl seemed to unblock whatever was stopping Mission Planner from accessing the FC.

I was able to connect to MP and everything is now working as expected/hoped. I even fired it up last night. Haven’t flown it yet as the weather has closed in.

Cheers everyone.

I have the same issue with MP. You can load the APM firmware with QGroundControl and then use MP as usual AMP firmware will work with both. I alway load firmware with QGC and then go back to MP for flying.

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Hello. Sorry if I suddenly jump in and asking you a bit off-topic, but can you elaborate your blown IO processor case?

My pixhawk also got solid red IO B/E light and quite hot especially on the co-processor. I’ve tried everything from firmware, bootloader, and dfu but at this time I’m convinced the co-processor is pretty much blown up.

Where did you get the idea I had a “blown IO processor case”?

No, it just happens that this particular version Pixhawk had orange LEDs whereas most have green.

I no longer have the Pixhawk. I had a flyaway moment and almost got it back when it crashed in really dense bush about 25 metres away from me. I tried for days but never found it.

Pity. It was my favourite drone.

Oh sorry, I was asking InsanitySquared specifically for the blown IO processor.

By the way, that’s quite a weird pixhawk you get there.