Pixhawk 2.1 Power Brick Mini Accuracy is all over the place

I’m seeing 50% errors after I have picked a 12.0V and 12amp spot to calibrate it at as measured by a watt meter. This amount of error occurs when I move to more amp draw as well as less amp draw.

It’s all over the place except for where I calibrated it at. I know the earlier generations were not accurate below 3 amps but this mini brick can’t get close to the old ones.

Anyone have a solution to get more accuracy?

Should I just purchase a prior generation of power module instead?

I had the same problem. Replaced it with a Mauch power module. Problem solved.

I looked into those…expensive but accurate as hell.

I stumbled into this, anyone ever use it? It looks as though it just needs the right connection to interface with the pixhawk…

200A continuous, 1 to 12S, hall effect current and voltage sensor.

Question, what is the battery amp offset for the standard power brick mini? It’s the only value I have not messed with to get a good calibration.

Very helpful thread.

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Had a similar problem where the pixhawk 2.1 power module showed voltage drops of around 7 Volts. Now this would happen if an ESC is shorted but the current draw measured with a clamp meter showed the the current draw was within limit. Tried calibrating it but the values fluctuated too much. Switched the 2.1 power module for an old APM 3DR power module I had lying around and now there is no problem at all. Current and Voltage readings are all good.


If your vehicle is drawing more than 60Amps then I would recommend the Mauch Power modules. I have used them and the accuracy is spot on.


Very helpful to know I’m not the only one, looks like I’ll order a standard old school power module!