Nimbus VTOL Crash: Logs Posted

Hey guys,
Recently I crashed the nimbus vtol in its maiden transition flight. Had an airspeed sensor onboard and had set transition airspeed as 12.2 m/s. Unsure about the cause of the crash. It transitioned and pitched down after a few meters.
I’m attaching the flight log below and the param file. Thanks for helping out.
2019-07-26 12-47-20.log.param (17.2 KB)

Did you do a RC calibration before flying? Your CH2 (elev) output only had a full range of 150µS which seems very low? Also looks like up elevator was pulled hard just before the crash but the servo hardly moved.
Could it have been reversed?

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hi Lilnpuma,

I am NIMBUS VTOL integrator in Brazil !

The problem is 12.2m/s force the plane go down velocity, than will get a crash ! The minimum speed is about 17m/s, you use DO CHANGE SPEED command in your plann, will subscribe any other parameter to flight in bigger speed, soo sorry !

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Yes, We did do RC Calibration before flying. Servo output was not reversed. I am not sure if throws were enough. It does look very low…

Oh… I see. Is there anything else that I have done wrong?


Can you provide more information on your Nimbus setup? Is it a Foxtech V2 or your own build?

Your RC2 params suggest it is a Foxtech build because channel 2 is reversed like Gordon’s V2. Most of us do not have channel 2 reversed. Also, on your next attempt, transition to FBWA instead of CRUISE mode as it uses less sensors on the initial flight.

  • RC2_DZ|30|
  • RC2_MAX|2005|
  • RC2_MIN|982|
  • RC2_TRIM|1492|
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Hi guy
I crashed the nimbus as same as your experience. (piched down few meters after transition mode)
Would you please tell me the reason if you find this. Thanks

VERY SIMILAR to my recent crash on 8-30-2020

The project has been put on hold unfortunately. I dont have access to the bird to try the suggested fixes. Will keep you guys posted once we try again. Thank you for the help

Hi Chad, Just curious, Is your Nimbus a Foxtech V2 with PG20.

I built mine using fox’s conversion kit so it not them exact same. I decided that the pg20 was not worth the extra money in my case because a one hour flight time was about as long as I wanted to be in control of the bird.

From what I’ve read on some threads it is sometimes not fast enough to avoid a brownout of the auto pilot, after that I just dismissed the uae of it.

Yep certainly considering removing my PG20. It probably poses more problems then its worth.