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Next-gen ESC validation and integration... VESC [Declined]


(David Buzz) #21

Revised budget for 10x units ( with CAN and sensor cables ) : $1,253.67 USD ( plus shipping etc )

(David Buzz) #22

Final post here. At the dev call, I was advised that this proposal was declined due to being too many $$, and being too vague in the area of who specifically will be “doing the work”. Obviously, my plan was always to drive the majority of this myself, and use the hardware availability to find other engaged developer/s after the proposal was approved, but aparently that’s not an acceptable method at the moment. I was advised also that raising a new proposal that fixes these issues would be acceptable, but after waiting more than a year for rejection, I’ve lost the desire to do this. This thread is now ended, and for the record, I will NOT be raising a new proposal ( too hard) and I will not be doing the work discussed in this proposal moving forward. I consider this an unnecessary loss to the developer team, but it is what it is.

(Olivier Brousse) #23