New FC: RadioLink Mini Pix

is there any way to use esc port 3 for my tilt on my camera mini pix v1

I completely dumped Radio link.
We had to recall over 50 drones to remove radio link.

We now use Holybro products.
So much better. .

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Hello Gary,

I understand It’s 2 years since you have posted this.
But I still wanted to try.
Are there any Radiolink’s FCs still available with you?
If you are not using them, can I buy few of them?


I have Minipix v1, the supported by Ardupilot, dual GPS ts100, se100 GPS, led, power switch with buzzer, two i2c hubs, PDB, MinimOSD cased, everything unused, it is for an antenna tracker I never make.

They are expensive these days, I would look for other option, but if you want it I can sell everything together.