Msp_options not showing in mission planner

Im using Arducopter 4.10 dev, and have had DJI FPV Caddx/Goggles working for several months…
Suddenly, I have no OSD. I have tried everything. I successfully ran the Caddx unit from another copter and it has osd. I have 2 different Kakute F7 HDV boards which will not show OSD.
In checking, I see that MSP_Options does not show up in mission planner, even if I hack it in, I suspect it is not being sent up to the F7 processor.
I can only guess that I made a change, and did not notice that OSD disappeared.
Now I cannot get back. It is suspicious that mission planner will not show MSP_Options, or the other, I believe it is MSP_OSD_NCells, I remember configuring that for auto cell count in the past.

OK, I just solved it. I had to roll back to 4.10-dev cksum eb132d1c. Then MP will recognize MP_Options, etc, and OSD works. I downloaded that version in late 2020.

Hope this is of some help, I guess I must be missing something. Wonder what it is?

I had exactly the same issue with my Kakute F7 board. I only managed to get it to work after Alex Apostoli kindly put together a custom firmware build to enable MSP support for that board.
So, in case you (or anyone else reading this) is interested in a slightly updated version of firmware that includes support for the MSP OSD on the Kakute F7, you can find the custom firmware here - MSP protocol support