MP can't review logs

this error occurs for all parameters

please make sure you are running .net 4.6.1

It is. It began today with a beta update.

i’m using copter 3.5.5 beta

I uninstalled and reinstalled and can graph with 1.3.52. If I accept the beta update message, it updates to and I can’t graph anymore. If I then click the check for beta updates button, it downloads a bunch of files and the version is reported as and still can’t graph.

In the mean time, try Apmplanner2 , the best log tool I know.

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thank you, already loving it

the beta push tonight doesn’t update anything and tells me there’s a new beta update infinitely

ill try address this issue, as there has been changes regarding the update process for Beta builds.

in an effort to do better automation. and lower bandwidth requirements

what version are you at?

it’s showing version

now I just got message “Illegal characters in path” error when trying to update

I made it to but still can’t graph.