Motor Mixing on KakuteH7Mini-Nand Correct?

And another PR for BetaFlightXReversed (FRAME_TYPE=18):
copter: add bf-reversed-x to connect-escs-and-motors by yuri-rage · Pull Request #5131 · ArduPilot/ardupilot_wiki (

@hwurzburg pointed out that if we include one, we should include the other.

Rather than a wall of images, it might be nice to include dropdowns and a little JavaScript to select frame class and type, and then display a dynamically generated image/canvas with the motor numbering, directions, and letter representations. I dunno if I have the motivation to create that…

You should probably add a note to describe when the betaflight mode should be used, ie when using a stackable 4-in-1 esc. Otherwise its not clear why it exists.

I have 4in1’s that don’t have the typical BF orientation. And, the mounting orientation can change this. Sure, the battery lead exiting to the rear is typical but not a given. I really don’t get the effort here or when it has come up before, and it has many times. And when using individual ESC’s it doesn’t matter.

Run Motor Test. If it’s wrong then fix the assignments. What is wrong with this simple process for ANY Frame type or class?

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I’m not inclined to make any more wiki edits unless I decide to clean up the entire page in favor of a more intuitive/interactive drop-down interface.

It was missing the BF frame types, which is now fixed.