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MAVLink and Arduino: step by step


(davidbitton) #41

@jplopezll have you thought about throwing the code up on Github?

(Leiro Juan) #42

Hi again.

Everything is working great for me. I receive data from Pixhawk on my arduino, but I dont know hot to do to send data from arduino to pixhawk. Someone try to use the debug messages or someone know exactly how to create a custom message?

The goal is to send current measurements from arduino to pixhawk. Someone can help?


(Juan Pedro) #43

Hi, what for Github? I have an account there, but I do not think this project is that big.

(davidbitton) #44

It just makes it easier to share the code, and if someone has a suggested change, that’s easy to assimilate too.

(Juan Pedro) #45

OK, I will think about it. Maybe whenever I finish the review of the article I have pending…