Matek Optiflow &Lidar Sensor 3901 LOX

Has any one used the Matek Optiflow & Lidar Sensor 3901 LOX have you any settings for it please many thank’s in advance


Nope but love to hear about it. I think @ppoirier may have some idea about it.
It looks interesting.

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ive ordered one now need to discover how to set it up Ricky

Looks like similar set up to Cheerson lets hope so

I have never used a Cheerson so no idea what to expect.
But I am looking forward to your thoughts on it. Any idea of the usable range outdoors.
perhaps I will order one and give it a try.

Make up a little case for it

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I read a bit about this.
Its got a 2 meter range. Not a lot of range.
Also it’s using Inav msp as the protocol. Not sure how thats going to work.

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Im hoping it may work like the cheerson but maybe not will try it,ive got a HereFlow to try as well But not sure it is very good according to Randy.But must try and see and enjoy even if its useless exercise

It seems your case is missing a window for the rangefinder :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looking at specs , this device is like a hereflow built for INAV. It might be challenging to port to ArduPilot

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Hey Patrick Happy New year.
I don’t see any other sensor on the board…mind you perhaps I am staring at it and can’t see it

Also right now I am sticking with TF Mini…I have a hard enough time with them lol

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Happy new year :blush:
Look carefully Ricky, from left to right you have regulator, rangefinder, processor and opticalflow

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Happy New Year Patrick,it arrived this morning tried numerous combinations nothing works,O well I tried lol my hereflow work’s at least

Happy New Year Martin
The problem is lack of documentation, I cant find documentation on what sort of data this sensor is outputting.
Reading at Inav code I dont see (for the moment) how you extract OF and Rangefinder values from message stream.

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Would you like me to put it in the post to you next week to play with and thank you for taking an interest

Thanks for the offer Martin, but I dont have much time for this at the moment.
Maybe @rmackay9 would be interested ?

As a reminder here is the OpticalFlow IO driver structure for the Matek code on Inav:

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Will contact Randy now and see what he says,have got here flow working so may try tomorrow flying with flow control on my radio as well.

your referring to this Patrick

I do have a hole for that bit …is there something else.

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Nope , look at second chip from left… There are 2 microscopic pinholes on it

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Well dang I didn’t see that.
Thanks not that I am planning on using one. The documentation says its only a meter or two range outside…Thats bordering on useless in my mind.
But hey one never knows.


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Looking at this “ThoneFlow-3901U” sensor may give a hint:
There, they say: “The data format is also compatible with discontinued product CX-OF, already supported by ArduCopter.”
See also
Perhaps the MatekSys behaves similar?

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Hi Helge,I tried that and it did not work but may be im missing some thing out