LW20 Log Long and Short Returns

I would like to have the response of Lightware’s LW20 in the dataflash logs in Arduplane (and eventually Trad Heli). It is capable of logging the longest and shortest response, and I believe it’s already recognized in Ardupilot. My main intention is to integrate this with the GPS and Time information for post-processing and elevation mapping through vegetation. It will also allow me to know tree height precisely so I can plan my survey heights with greater safety and precision.

I would be willing to aid in the development costs for this one.

+1 on this, as being able to log sensor input would also allow easier setup, calibrations, fault finding and debugging.

The actual mission data could aid greatly with some of the mapping and survey missions adding a greater depth of understanding height data.

Bump this up and hoping for a response from the Dev team?

I’m not a dev, but I have modified the firmware to log additional sensor data to DataFlash before. In this forum post, I summarized the general steps: Runtime plot from mavinit.scr not updating

If you want to try on your own (rather than waiting on devs) I’d be glad to help if I can by answering questions.

Thanks! This might be a step in the right direction. Although I suspect I won’t have the expertise to figure this out in the next few months. I’ll start picking away at it and see where I get.