LUA Script for APM Plane & QuadPlane

Hi Greg,
very good job. I’m tring to use the TTL converter below

that was working with VBrain (AC3.3.3) and OpenTX 2.0.9.
Now I’m using pixhawk clone 2.4.8 with AC3.5.4 and OpenTX 2.1.9 and it is not working meaning that it seems no data is read from taranis. Do you think it is a problem of the converter?
I will do moretests during Christmas period when I will have more free time.


Hi Antonio,

It is difficult to say where the problem is but your new combination should work. I am using the Craft&Theory cable shown in the FrSky Telemetry page of the APM Wiki. I have used this cable on several projects between a Pixhawk v2.4.8 clone and an X8R receiver. On another project, I also used a Pixracer directly connected to an X8R receiver which was pretty cool.

Make sure that your SERIAL#_PROTOCOL parameter is set to 10 for passthrough SmartPort telemetry. Also, be sure that you have enabled LUA scripts on your Radio Type screen in OpenTX Companion and that you discovered your sensors after the upgrade to v2.1.9.

Thanks Greg.
I’ll try again after formatting the sd card in my taranis plus: I think the problems on the fact I have too many scripts in it and probably I’ve deleted some files.

One more question: I’ve ordered a MAX3232CSE and would like to try with that as well, do you know which diode I have to buy and how to connect?

I think it is a N4007 diode and you connect it like below. The T1Out ties to the diode anode and the R1in ties to the diode cathode…which connects to the SPort.

thanks.I’ve copied thScript e files on Taranis SD but when I “long press” “page” button to display the telemetry, I get an error:
Script Syntax Error
not enough memory

Is this with my latest posted files? I added some extra comments on the changes at the top of the script and I can’t remember if this uses more memory or not. We can either wait to see what @lucamax has for testing results or maybe you can delete the comments at the top of the LuaPlane.lua file. I will also try to test it soon.

Lastly, try removing other scripts from the telemetry page as multiple scripts may be trying to run.

Hi Greg,
yes I definitely think the problem is the multiple telemetry script files I have.
I’m sure my circuit is working because Taranis found all the sensors.
I will try to format the sd card and “re-install” your telemetry. Consider that I use LuaPilot not LuaPlane downloaded from here

I suggest to keep only one script and delete the others, I had the same problem a while ago.

I solved the issue.
I used the sd card formatted and organized in directories with windows10 and for each directory I had a file desktop.ini that was conflicting with lua script. Once I’ve removed such file, script is working