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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(Andras Schaffer) #22

Don’t make me wrong. But you come out with a product that claims things that are way above anything currently available on the market (and this includes mil-spec stuff as well). It is dubbed with some miss understandable and confuse writings and shady video.

I really would like to believe that your device is capable of what you write, to be honest I hope for it ! But please do yourself a favor, if you want to sell anything outside China, get somebody who speaks English fluently, write a concise and fact based flyer, show measurements and unquestionable video. With all that, you can make a fortune with this product. But without these, it just another rc product with unrealistic specs. Just like all the cr**p that you find on aliexpress or alibaba.

(caoxueyu) #23

Thank you for your advice. First of all, I am sorry for my poor English. Secondly, I am not a salesperson. I just want to show it, and I’ll have other interesting things to do later (like digital image transmission). If you are interested, we can discuss it together. :thinking:

(RickyG) #24

Thanks for this.
Still looking for a manual.
How do you bind your phone to the base unit.
How do you add other receivers to the unit.
The video is Chinese and sorry I don’t understand it. Just looking for the basic stuff on how to use the unit.
I will let the other fellow chase the concerns about distance and performance. I have never believed those sort of claims. Hope they are true but I will leave that to them. I am more interested in its use, I never fly farther then a couple kilometers anyway which is in the 2.4 range. I am interested in it’s ease of use, operability.

I will post a simple review of it once I have had a chance to play with it.

(caoxueyu) #25

I’m going to try to do some video these days and give me some time to learn how to use tools like this blog and YouTube.

(cala2) #27

Send one to Randy or Tridge and, if they test them you have reliable words :wink:

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(caoxueyu) #28

Yes, very good idea. I’ll try to contact them tomorrow. By the way, it’s midnight in China.

(RickyG) #29

Super in the mean time I ordered one.
I had a credit with AliExpress so thought I would give this a try.
I have installed the app as well. I thought it would look like the tower app, which it sort of does but doesn’t.
Once the device is here I can play with it

(caoxueyu) #30

OK ,I need more information from your test results
if it doesn’t work well it will be gaven away

(caoxueyu) #31

By the wayThe Holzer sensor is applied to the remote control.

(RickyG) #32

I need the unit first and thats a few weeks away…it was just ordered.

Very strange I ordered this and the price was around 88 US plus shipping so about $117 total. Now when I look the price is US $363.28. Strange price difference…Not sure if I got some sale price or what, my worry now is I just get a part of this unit. I guess we will see

(edge540T) #33

I have no clue about electronics, but I hear something about signal waves propagation on lakes and rivers… maybe sea also is the case?, It’s a question…

(caoxueyu) #34

Fill in the wrong price before. Now it has been amended. You will get a complete product.

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(RickyG) #35

Thank you.
Looking forward to trying it out. Will post my results on Facebook.

(anon67614380) #36

I think that when in Blog appears something like this thread it should be signed as ADVERTISING on the blog post name, so that people read it knowing what they are doing. Somebody could be tricked and think that this post was made by an independent user and believe everything in it.

Or even better have a commercial section of the forum where companies could advertise their products.

just my opinion,


(ppoirier) #37

@anon67614380 Sounds like a good suggestion, what do you think @CraigElder

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(caoxueyu) #38

I’m very sorry. I don’t know if there’s any other place I can communicate with. Fishing or sports websites? In order to avoid being suspected of being a liar, I can offer it to some people for free.

(ppoirier) #39

@SKYDROID The sensitivity of your receiver is quite impressive : -128 dBm with a dynamic range allowing for 150kBps I have to admit that I cannot find equivalent specs on the web.

I am willing to test, please contact me in private so we can make arrangement

(RickyG) #40

Caoxueyu. Please don’t think people believe your lying.
My experience with this community is they all want everyone to be successful and to enjoy the hobby. Understand that this community is full of very smart people who understand this technology at a very advanced level and on regular basis are confronted by vendors that say their product is gods gift to the hobby. Be patient, answer their questions and understand they will be skeptical. If this is a good product the community will tell you and tell others… They will also tell you what you need to do to improve on it. If this isn’t a good product they will tell you why. Listen to them take it back to your team…make he improvements.

Its a win for everyone.

(cala2) #41

I´m interested to listen about new products in this forum, it´s information, but you have to find the way people believe that your product is as spec and you are going to have many sales. You understand, many fake products outside there ask people distrust.

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(cala2) #42

I was surprised about little Mavic pro capabilities when get out to market, why no others can do it similar or better things?