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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(RickyG) #170

Thanks, thats what I suspected.
Much the same as a mavic.


(caoxueyu) #171

Here is the video you need😋

(caoxueyu) #172

Maybe this will solve your troubles.I also have telemetrys with short distance and high power high prices😂 two years ago.

(RickyG) #173

ah now I understand what those things are for.
Thanks for this…going to put them on tomorrow morning.


(Tom-fly) #174

yes! finally order was shipped, it’ll arrive next week here.

(RickyG) #175

If you need it I have written down everything I have learned about the unit so far in one word document. Your welcome to use it if you need it. I am no technical writer but it should help.

(Tom-fly) #176

Thank you a lot. that will make setup much faster. I will make instructions how to use F4 series FC and Pixhawk 4 with M12L.
Have you tried M12L yet in flying aircaft?

(RickyG) #177

Hey there.
Not as yet. I have a GPS issue that I need to get resolved first and then I can try getting it airborne. I setup all the sticks and switches this morning.

(JC) #178

Another question: How high would the import tax to germany be?

(RickyG) #179

(JC) #180

I meant the tax rate for transmitter and receiver, which is between 0% and 17%, depending on the product type.

(Tom-fly) #181

well! I got the M12L, and it looks good. All the parts were included: transmitter, rx with small & larger antennas. Sturdy metal box and other parts. Here is picture of opened box and parts taken out. Next I’ll charge tx battery and try pixhawk with it.

(Tom-fly) #182

(Tom-fly) #183

Here are pictures of Tx and Rx unit. I got them in -5C temperature outside to check what is functionality after bringing back to room temperature. They worked fine after visiting few minutes in backyard. I really like outlook of M12L, it feels good in hand and controlsticks are accurate. Unit is pretty wide if you have used to normal size tx. Lets continue testing…

(Tom-fly) #184

Pixhawk and RX connected, no smoke, green light switched on so binding is fine between M12L and Rx. Nice! next some Pixhawk testing…

(RickyG) #185

Wa hooooooo
Glad to see you got it ok. Also nice to be by the lake for testing.
It appears you got both types of antenna…very good and the rubber boots where removed already. Thats great as well.
Is the stick setup so that it doesn’t spring back on the throttle.

Be aware also that the Wifi button does nothing right now. I guess it must be for future function.

Be interested to hear your experience.

(Tom-fly) #186

Yes, package M12L was sent is the most robust one I have seen. There weren’t any scratchs even outside package :smiley: That carry package is metallic and 5cm soft protection inside

One unwanted issue occured. I calibrated Tx in Missionplanner and If I move only throttle, almost all the channels are also taking interference.So yaw, roll and other channels are taking movement commands. I have to figure out it little bit more where the problem is. Channels are taking also commands without doing anything, so It is possible current channel is getting noise from elsewhere. How to change channel? :smiley:

(RickyG) #187

Thats interesting.
I have not experienced that myself. let Skydroid know.

(Tom-fly) #188

I think that is channel recerving issue. There might be some traffic on the same channelset, first guess is that.

(Tom-fly) #189

Now all the problems are gone. No interference anymore. I dont know what was actual reason. I restarted my computer (com ports driver were installed after connecting M12L). I also restarted Pixhawk and M12L. And now everything is working fine! I’ll upload videos of this occurence to Tube.