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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(cala2) #1394

Welcome Gal . I read that led camera is for ag drones, I hope you can use iphone with Qgcontrol.

(RickyG) #1395

Remember Cala2…the Skydroid apps are Android.

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(Gal Nitzan) #1396

Hi @cala2, thank you, however I believe I shall go for the Android. IOS has a tendency to make problems.
And I think I shall go with the serial simple camera, I am not looking for an adventure:).

One of my biggest problems was/is long distance video. With the dji phantom 4 pro, 5km is simle, however I am still to find a system to do that. The T12 seems promising, and as I understand it from reading more than 1300 messages all you pioneers like it.
Thank you all,

(cala2) #1397

Gal: how ideal distance you need with video?

(Gal Nitzan) #1398

@cala2, well, my quad can fly for 35 minutes with 2.6kg auw, I guess that if I can get 5km I shall be a happy customer. I like to chase ships leaving the harbor :smile:.

I ended up ordering the three-body camera and an extra simple serial camera.



(MartinKeilloh) #1399

Gal I have orfered the single camera and a spare receiver from the Skydroid small Ali Express store with no problems.

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(Gal Nitzan) #1400

Thank you @MartyMcFly, I think the order will arrive in about a month. That’s the usual time it takes. So excited…

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(MartinKeilloh) #1401

you have joined an excellent group of fellow Skydroider’s,welcome come join us at the Skydroid Users Group on F/B as well were you will recieve A warm wellcome

(Am) #1402

Sorry little off topic but you have a nice long range quad!! Any details of your build please? What battery,motors and props to get 35 mins hover time? Impressive!!

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(Gal Nitzan) #1403

Hi @ninja_zx11,
The frame is Daya 680
380kv Arris motors (excellent motors)
15x5.5 folding Tarot props
Ardupilot on Cube black
Mauch PM
9200mah 6S diy 5c batter (Li-Ion)
GoPro (on gimbal) signal goes to HDMI2AV module -> Video tx 2.4ghz
The battery is made of 3 circuits of 6 cells of 18650vtc6 which is a 3000mah and the voltage cutoff is 2.5v (for lipo its 3.3 I think)

(Am) #1404

Thanks @gnitzan for the info!! Nice!!
I just built similar but all hand made balsa frame.AUW is 1.5kg with 4S 6000 mAh battery.@ cameras with video switcher and DJI E305 motors wit DJI 9.5x4.5 props.Wired in a way that i can switch between Arducopter and Inav by just flashing the desired firmware on omnibusF7.

(Gal Nitzan) #1405

@ninja_zx11 looks impressive

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(ERL) #1406

Hi Guys

Just received my T12, all working well, I have a question regarding video resolution.
What is the output of the small FPV camera eg 720p or alike. Picture quality seems low resolution, latency not to bad.

Is there a way adjusting the picture? In the app or SDK, something simple would be good.

Also I have a windows 10 PC , it doesn’t seem to pickup USB connection. Trying to connect with MP. I see there are some drivers on the dropbox link, I will try tonight.
Is this common not to connect to PC first try?

Can you buy waterproof LED/camera seperatly using this on a boat?

Great system by the way.

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SKYDROID T12 UAV remote control Frome Quanzhou , China
(caoxueyu) #1407

serial converter is on the way. two weeks …my friend

(caoxueyu) #1408

You need to view videos and instructions to connect missionplanner. The camera supports 720p, but the radio frequency bandwidth is not high enough. We just let the camera output a relatively low resolution. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) video transmission is only used for surveillance, which is similar to camera viewfinder.

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(Lincoln Fowler) #1409

Great news - thanks for the update

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(RickyG) #1410

two weeks away …Wa hooooooo

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(Gal Nitzan) #1411

I shall order one too, even before I will get my T12 which is already on its way. I wander if it will take hdmi or just a/v

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(Gal Nitzan) #1412

Hello all, while my T12 is on it’s way, I am looking for some advice on what tablet to purchase.
There is android based tablets or I can get a windows based so I may use MP
Any advice would be appropriated.
P.S. any one woul mind to share an image or two of the serial camera installation?

(cala2) #1413

I have a Samsung S3 9.7 inches, very fast processor and fix nice on the radio