Joystick replacement

Thanks! I figured it out just before I saw your last msg. If you go to the CLI interface and enter DFU and reboot, it works.

Got it updated. Now I’ll just turn it into a joystick.


I need at least 6 analog channels. The board has 4 PWM inputs, and absolutely no mention of PPM. Can I get more than 4 channels of joystick, and can I use a PPM receiver?

I figured part of it out. In the BETAFLIGHT CONFIGURATOR, I set the input to PPM. I connected my PPM receiver to RC Channel 1. My PC recognizes BETAFLIGHT as a joystick, but I get no response on any of the channels.

So - where do I connect a PPM receiver? And are there any special settings?
I upgraded the firmware in the board, but there was no option for F4+OSD, so I simply chose “Betaflight F4”. If that won’t work, please tell me what you used.

I saw your controller had a pin labeled “RC”. I connected my PPM signal there. That didn’t work. Then I went into the configurator and set the radio type to PWM. I connected up 3 channels to the controller, and set my radio to PWM. That didn’t work either.

I need this to work with Mission Planner.

I think I finally got it working. I found a website that gave some of the information. That, plus your photo made all the difference (my board has virtually no silkscreen). Thanks!

I’m using a Logitech extreme 3d pro joystick for years and I’m not sure what you need that it doesn’t have.

As anyone tried this Simulator RC ?

I prefer this option over a standard RC dongle because there is no RF signal generated.
… ne reference whatsoever on the web… except for a bug report… Nope , never mind

I solved all my problems by adding a PPM receiver to a TEENSY 3.2 processor and wrote the code for it. The TEENSY has a USB port that I plug into my laptop. The USB port powers it all and it is really small.

Now, my normal transmitter binds with the receiver which sends PPM signals to the TEENSY. I emulate 6 analog joystick channels. So I get Pitch, Yaw, Throttle and Roll + MODE + Spare wirelessly using the same remote I use for 2.4GHz control. The whole setup cost less than $50, and I put it into a 3D printed case.

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