Issues with building Mission Planner in Visual Studio

Hello all,

I’m trying to build te Mission Planner as explained on the ArduPilot site. Eventhough all the information is clear explained when I’m building I get errors of missing DLL’s. The solution to this would be to add the original MP file to the reference path at the properties page of the project. But I dont have this option it doesn’t exsist could anybody help me find out what goes wrong here?

I have done all steps that have been written here:


Thanks in advance



Docs are outdated, there is no need for reference patch, check that You have latest VS2017, compatible NetFramework.

Which one would that be I made a fresh install yesterday of Visual Studio and I beleive I followed all the steps. So how could I install the correct .NetFramework?

Thanks for your help

Net 4.6.1.
Try batch build, check Nuget packages, maybe something is missing, what kind of error do You see?

I think im really doing something wrong

This is just a start of the total 73 errors

I think I have installed all Net stuff

here it shows that I have version: 4.7.1


I dont understand this at all LOL

I have marked all does this gives the problem?

the required is

net core 2.0
and framework 4.6.1

the rest should not matter.

well than i dont know what goes wrong anymore

under the workloads make sure you have .net cross platform selected

I think this is the one you meant? This one is currently not selected so ill give this a try

Well I still get 73 erros all regarding these DLL files???

Could it be that it is because I placed my project on a different drive as VS2017 is?

please see

I have placed manually all the dll files in the folders that were shown in the error lists, this reduced the amount of errors from 73 to 1. Any idea how to solve the last one?

thank you very much for all the help

Im sorry but it dopesnt seem to work at all and I dont know what im doing wrong here. I have followed the steps and in the post you posted. I added NetFramework 3.5 Tools as well, rebooted the system.

I went to add references and selected the system. speech in the folder C:\Program Files\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\v3.0\ . I keep getting the 73 errors.

I could get rid of 72 errors by placing manually some dll’s in their folders but that didn’t help as well. What I noticed that when I select system.speech it doesn’t stay selected. I don’t understand this but it seems that it doesnt accept my choice?

MP wont compile on windows 7 atm. windows 10 is required.

Is it possible to to get access to an older version that will compile on win 7?

You can fork old MP via git. But you will lose a lot of fixes/new features in MP.

I have the same problem in windows 10