INFO MissionPlanner.MAVLinkInterface - Access denied

Thanks for the tips - I’ll try to keep this updated on what I figure out/if I can fix it on the off chance someone else encounters this problem down the line

Well, I managed to fully debug the OTA connection. Swapping to Unicast Server with UDP solved this problem for me, I now have full parameter download and mission/parameter upload with both PX4 and Ardupilot. I’ve found the most recent stable build of QGroundControl gives the best results. On the off chance that someone has this same issue, I’ve made some documentation on how I set everything up for video/C&C that I can send on request.

Good stuff. Quick question for you - when you’re using mission planner how do you connect to the unicast server. Do you use UDPCl in mission planner?

QGroundControl is my primary GCS platform due to my video constraints, so I’m able to create a link to any port on the radio I need to. Since you all appear to be the only people in the world on any forum who use Doodle Labs products, I figured I’d give my question a shot here - I need to connect the Doodle radio to an Android SM-T700 tablet, to run QGC for video and control without relying on a linux box to do so. Have any of yall made efforts to use these radios with android devices? If so, how did you configure the device? The official documentation is practically nonexistent, effectively just saying “it should work when you plug it in”.

Hello Mason,

I was wondering if your documentation was still avaliable for the doodle radio configuration. I am trying to connect doodles to an orange cube 2.1 using either mission planner or QGC, but I am running into an issue getting them paired. I was also wanting to push video through as well. Any help is very appriciated! Please let me know.


When you say pairing - you mean the doodles can’t talk to each other? Go into your wireless settings on both radios and disable the wireless passwords/encryption. If you download the documents in the technical library it should help a bunch.

Have you taken a look at this document?

Give this one a shot for video:

Hello, I hope you are well.

I am currently working to make a connection between an autopilot and a ground control station.

I need to know how to enable the serial ports of both Doodle Labs radios to transmit serial data and have it take priority in URLLC over video that I want to transmit and receive from the ETH0 ports of both radios. I understand that you have made a similar configuration, could you share it with me?

Hi Nethird, Have you gone through the steps in the first document posted by Autonomost above? What specific problems are you having with your connection?