How to make "arducopter_with_bl.hex"?

I know how to make “AP_Bootloader.apj, AP_Bootloader.bin, arducopter.apj, arducopter.bin”.
Could anyone tell me how to make “arducopter_with_bl.hex”?

Thank you for your reply.

I read the documentation, but I can only create “AP_Bootloader.apj, AP_Bootloader.bin”.
I want to know how to make “arducopter_with_bl_hex”.

If you have intelhex in your tool chain and your bootloader prebuilt it builds automatically.

I set up the Ubuntu build environment by referring to the following document.
According to “Install some required packages”, I used “Tools / environment_install /”.
Maybe I need to follow the steps below?
”Setup for other Distributions Using the STM Toolchain Add some directories to your search path (Facultative) ”

I’m a complete beginner in software, so I’d appreciate it if you could tell me a little more concretely.

You’ll need to install the intelhex package via pip install intelhex. I’ll edit the documentation to include that.

Run the waf configure and build again, then you should have the “arducopter_with_bl_hex”.

When I ran the “./waf copter”, I got a warning “Not embedding bootloader; /home/username/ardupilot/Tools/bootloaders/TargetBoard_bl.bin does not exist”.
I found that the cause was the missing _bl.bin file of the target board.

Is there any documentation on how to create the “_bl.bin” file?

Thank you to everyone who responded.

Details in the readme. Not sure if they’re in the wiki or not.

The directions in the AP_Bootloader readme create the bootloader, but put in in the build directory so it isn’t found when building with waf. Instead, try running the following to build the bootloader and put it in the correct (…/ardupilot/Tools/bootloaders/) directory:

./Tools/scripts/ <board>
./waf configure --board <board>
./waf <copter plane rover ...>

I was able to create “arducopter_with_bl.hex” as I expected.
Thank you very much.