How to DFU mode on pixhawk 3 pro

Download the hex file with bl when flashing in this manner.

New attempt with cubeprog, inject firmware with BL:0

Ardurover/plane/compter 4.5: error
Rover/plane/compter 4.2.3: error
Rover/plane/compter 4.2.0: error
arducopter 4.1.7: ok no error
4.1.5: ok no error
4.1.0: ok no error
there must be a change since the higher version because nothing works after.

after I did not try the arducopter versions, I can flash all versions to see from which the problem appears

but already I’m happy that I can inject a much more recent version so that means that I solved part of the problem.

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If you’re using Rover, 4.2.3 is the latest stable. 4.3+ have significant nav system changes that are still in the works.

If your Rover is electric motor driven, 4.3 and higher may produce excellent results if you spend some time tuning. If it’s hydrostatic or non-linear in response, expect some frustration (until the stable release).

Yes but 4.2.3 error…. Only 4.1.5 :pensive:

My rover use 2 brushless motor for drive, and 2 for motor cut ( it’ s mower ).

So where I am now, I flashed all versions, and from 4.2.0 nothing works. I therefore injected the 4.5.0 firmware then I compared the flash memory with the raw file (with the bootloader); and there is no error everything is perfectly written. so I wonder if there would be an error in the file itself (compiling with a bad card).

The later versions are larger files. I wonder if you have a hardware issue in the flash memory of your autopilot causing larger files to fail.