How to connect retractable landing gear in pixhawk

How to connect retractable landing gear in pixhwak

Pick a servo output and assign it as landing gear, pick a RC channel, set the values for extended and retracted - it’s all in the docs.
I believe there’s nothing in Plane, developers maybe assumed fixed landing gear, but it’s there in copter and should easily work.

How can I ‘pick’ an output …

Its easy to set CH7 as Landing gear but which AUX port does it use ??

I believe the Aux1 port is Servo9 in the parameters. Check this other thread current here:

You want to set Servo9 function to 29

If you’re using Plane then I think you just have to set Servo9 (for using Aux1 port) to pass through your chosen RC channel, value 51 through to 66 (RCIN_xx) and landing gear would be manually controlled - you’d have to remember to lower landing gear before landing, and dont raise it while landed. Copter takes care of all that stuff for you.

Pixhawk Advanced features for beginners: Landing Gear and Retracts