Holybro PX4FLOW Kit and MaxBotix Sensor Combo

For sale is a Holybro PX4FLOW Kit v1.31 and MaxBotix Ultrasonic Sensor (I2CXL MaxSonar EZ - MB1242) combo. Both units are wired for I2C, tested, and working. A $140 plus shipping value.

$70 includes USPS Priority Mail with tracking. Please post here first then PM me if interested. PayPal and CONUS only.

Hi,is that compatible with pixfalcon flight controller??

Yes, it should not need a Pixhawk as it uses the I2C bus. Here is an image of my setup going into an I2C splitter.

You can PayPal to gcovey@rochester.rr.com if you want it.

im a little beat worried coz i’ve also try stand alone maxbotix 1242 without success

I will think first, just in case you can give also hardware and support info?

I have already given my entire limited knowledge on Optical Flow in the link below. However, there are others with much more knowledge and experience on this subject. As you may already be aware, a better sensor than the MB1242 will cost more.

Summary of Optical Flow Development in ArduPilot

You can also find for information in the Maxbotix Sensor Selection Guide or Sensor Selection Help.

Thanks you for the info you sent me… me im having also a mb 1202 can i ask you pls if you can give me few info for the wiring and the setup on mission planner coz me uve follow the guide ive found but without results