High magnetic_field

I am facing a high magnetic field (>500). Could someone help out with how to minimize this value?

Dataflash Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AQTGNtjV0GNkSnnklYbUe6ksupOHBRsz/view?usp=sharing

There’s a lot of current related issues here. You may have to move some of the power wires away from the compass/GPS module and work on shielding. It’s common with the cube to suggest using the external compass over the internal, but the external on here looks like it’s getting much more interference.

You might consider running MagFit on this quad to improve the COMPASS_MOT values, but only after you’ve tried to fix some of the wiring issues.

Here’s a good post that might give you some clues:

I think you need to show Yaw on that graph to see the bigger picture. But running Magfit for calibration and motor interference is a good idea. It should be part of standard tuning really.

I’m not sure I see any problem with the compass but flying on default parameters isn’t the best plan. Particularly flying an Auto Mission.

Thank you for Helping out

I am using Kore carrier board for my quadcopter and my herelink antennas, Multiband antenna are placed 10 cm above the cube.

Is this causing the problem?

Please help!!

What problem? What flight issue or errors are you seeing?

Is that the major reason for High mag fields?

Are the antennae causing more interference?

Dave has a good point, what problems are you seeing? There’s no warning messages in the logs. If you’re having flight performance issues then tune the quad, because it’s still running default tuning parameters. (I didn’t look at that earlier, but the tuning sure could use some work) Then run magfit and dial in the compasses.

Start here:

Ok will tune
Thank you