Harmonic notch support (ESC, Throttle, FFT)

Sorry for not answering. I had some Yaw issues that I had to sort out before tuning the filters. I also managed, with some help, to set up the harmonic notch at the same time.

Yep, your settings for HNTCH_FREQ and BW should work fine.

INS_HMNCS filters out the higher harmonics, which have frequencies that are multiples of your lowest peak. Given that the 1st peak is at about 118Hz, the next one is at ~240 and the next one is at ~360, you should check the bits 0, 1, 2 of INS_HNTCH_HMNCS.

under the INS_HNTCH_HMNCS I would click 1,2,3 harmonics for a total bitmask of 7 correct? i do not have the options for 0,1,2.

NOTE: I set the above bitmask to 7 and got the messages:
Config Error: fix problem then reboot
Config Error: Too many notches 24 >18
and my RC is pegged at 3000 so I clearly screwed something up hahahah

So 0 refers to the base freq and because I have 3 peaks I need to set my INS_HNTCH_HMNCS to 1st and 2nd harmonics the base freq is already accounted for, am I correct in that assumption?