GitHub: labels and milestones

Whats the point of the Pixhawk tag? Without adding a PixRacer, or PX4-v1 -v2 -v3 arch tags? I think it could probably be removed from the list?

In the dev call, I think it was Tom that said that the PX4 label was used to say that it depended in changes to PX4Firmware and that maybe we should have a Pixhawk label, equivalent to the Linux one. But you are right, that doesn’t cover Pixracer. So I’m thinking:

  • PX4 -> PX4Firmware
  • PX4Boards

What do you think?

I think just the one. I offered the usage case on the call of the PX4 label for PX4Firmware, but that doesn’t match any past behavior (indeed mine is the only PR that uses it that way) I think we are fine with just the one label.

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As of now the labels have been changed.