Gcs realtime attitude indicator

My plane has Pixhawk 2.4.8 hardware. I download all the data from the plane to the ground control station via telemetry. All information about the aircraft can be monitored without any problems on Mission Planner.

I need help with something.
I want to add an analog attitude indicator to the ground control station. I have shared a sample image in the link below.

One of the two servos will show the vertical position of the aircraft and the other servo will show the horizontal position of the aircraft. It will receive this data via USB via the mission planner on the ground control computer. Is there anyone who can support this project?

You can set mission planner to mirror the mavlink telemetry to another usb serial adapter then connect that to an arduino to drive your servos based on the attitude data.

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Hello. I know that. But I can’t because I don’t have any coding knowledge.

There is no ready made way of doing it unfortunatly.

I’m not looking for a ready-made method. I give an example;
If I find an example application made by checking mavlink messages with usb via Mission Planner, I can use it as well. For example, turning on the LED according to the flight mode of the aircraft.

this is probably going to be what you need to look at