Functionality differences among Pixhawk Flight Controllers

Scott, which H7 do you use (and for copter?)? And is that a 2mb board? I’m kinda tired of creating custom firmwares to get OSD working on my Kakute F7’s.


Matek H743’s. There are 3 versions depending on the form factor and board size you need. If there is no size or weight constraint the Wing version of the board is a good choice.

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  1. yes - there is fmuv2 standards and upwards and you can usually find reference to that in the flight controllers name, and probably in their documentation and advertising.

  2. they dont usually vary greatly from the standards, but every tiny variation does mean there needs to be a new hwdef file (hardware definition) and firmware version.

You can see all the hwdef’s here, and if you dig a bit you’ll see some with “includes” - for example the CUAV V5 Nano has
include ../fmuv5/hwdef.dat
then a list of the unique hardware, changes or default values.

The Cube Black has
include ../fmuv3/hwdef.dat