Full spraying functionality with ardupilot

I search a solution for this option " Resume the mission from the exact point where the liquid ran out " because I would also need it for a spray drone.
I saw in a discussion thread that we had to go through Ugcs if we wanted this option.

Anyone find a solution different and is it possible to add it in a later version of MP ?

Which Radar Altimeter have you guys found to be working reliably with Ardupilot?


It is already done as a plugin. You saw it.

Yes indeed I saw the thread or you were talking about it.
However it was necessary to compile mission planner with the plug-in but I do not know how to carry out this step, a little help would not be refused.
If you can explain to us in detail the manipulation ,I would not want to crush my drone on the ground, for this that I did not take the risk of doing without being sure to do the handling correctly.

It may be a silly question but how do we see that the plugin is active ?
Thank you for your help

@Eosbandi Hi Sir when I compile your code I got this error"Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error CS0433 The type ‘Brushes’ exists in both ‘MissionPlanner.Drawing, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’ and ‘System.Drawing, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a’ MissionPlanner.Stats C:\Users\mohan\source\repos\MissionPlanner\ExtLibs\MissionPlanner.Stats\SprayPlanner.plugin\SprayPlannerUI.cs 271 Active
i did not having any programming skiles. please guid me simple way.

Thank you

Sorry, but it is not a product but a proof of concept. It was written for a very specific platform and an older version of Mission Planner. It need rework to make it work with current versions and need development for pesticide level sensors other than the one that the actual project used.
I usually do development for commissions, but at the moment I booked till spring.

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Thank you sir, I well try for another method.

Thank you,

Hello guys,
I found this interesting thread, as I want to build Spray drone using Arducopter 4.15. However I still can not find suitable Radar based altimeter… On the other hand I found many China made spray drone use Jiyi K3Apro Flight control with their China Radar and obstacle avoidance… Any body has experience with this Jiyi K3pro FC ?? It seems JiyiA3pro FC become standard for China Spraydrone…And they also have “not expensive” Radar aystem for altimeter…There must be good reason why they prefer to use K3pro FC…I am not saying that K3pro FC is superior compared to cube orange (just example) for Spraydrone, as I don,'t have exprience using that FC…Any comments regarding the most suitable Radar for our Pixhawk based Spray drone??
Thank you

Hi Tony,

Crop spraying is not a trivial task, not mentioning only the hardware. You must fly low in areas with potential obtacles. To mention a few, you must control/monitor the amount chemical that will be sprayed. If your chemicals ends in the middle of the mission, you must return to that exact point in order to continue the mission, In other words, you must have a complete system on the hardware and software end. Yes China sells Jiyi crop spraying solutions and I have tested them at our development stage (we use Cube Orange). If you are going to make only one unit, I suggest you to buy one of them since Arducopter has a very little drect support for crop spraying and you must add a lot of functionality yourself in order to be productive.

For crop spraying altitude sensor can’t you use a lidar that is set to ‘last pulse’ thereby negating the effect of the spray?

Hi @ulfbogdawa ,
Thank you for your response… I understand that you have developed (or produced) commercial Spray drone right? Would you mind to share, What brand of Radar suitable (from price/performance ratio) for Pixhawk?? What do you think about the JiyiK3pro FC ???
I assume you use Pixhawk on your Spraydrone… May I know the logical reason to use Pixhawk instead of Jiyi K3pro FC ?
Thank you


You can take a look here:https://skydrones.com.br/

One of the reasons is that we have other products that use Cube Orange and we have our own planning and fleet manging system (we are responsible for our products, so I need to know what and how the software does/behaves). Chinese flight controllers, even stating they are open source (they aren´t), you must use their flight plannng software (and send data to china if you need a flight report).

There are many good radars out there, take a look at Nanoradar.cn

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Hello @Eosbandi

Thanks for sharing the plugin.
How’s the performance of the copter now ?

it should work just fine.
However a most sophisticated system can be written with LUA scripts onboard.

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