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FlightZoomer 3 is released!

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I guess the whole aviation industry has followed the same menu model then. GE Smith’s CNI system matches this one almost perfectly lol The only differences are the color schemes. That said, Boeing might have used GE Smith’s solution and integrated it into the 787. I have extensive experience working with that CNI UI. While it might be “common,” I know a lot of pilots who don’t like it. Extremely cumbersome. Oh well.

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Have you coded all of this yourself? Pretty epic.

Do you think I can run this on a surface 3?

Have you integrated ADS B? I have a PingRX.


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Hi Marc

Yes, the project is entirely coded by myself. The functional scope might not be small but it grew over many years since 2013 and I also have some very helpful beta testers and earlier somebody supported me with the documentation.

The apps should run nicely on a Surface 3. I am using a Surface 4 pro (arm devices are not supported).

ADSB is on the shortlist for the next features. My receiver would be this one:

Even another source for ADSB data would be rest calls to one of the global realtime air traffic providers. In my mind it is already running nicely!

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Great. I need to get a Dial!