Flashing HAL/ Night-Ghost firmware

I have used arduplane quite extensively in the past and am looking to try it out on a few omnibus F4 boards I have laying around in a nano talon. That said, I am completely lost on how to flash to the board in order to get it set up to run on Mission Planner. I tried following Night-Ghost page on flashing the board with dfu-util and feel like im just going in circles after a couple of days.

If anyone has any helpful links or how to’s I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for your help and time.


andrea did a great job summing it up here: New OS free F4Light HAL
see the wiki link in the first post.

for first time flashing, you need to put the board into dfu mode and run the respective dfu-script from the board‘s support folder. see airbot omnibus here:

rename it from .sh to .bat to run on windows machines and adjust the path to your binaries if required.

once you have it running the fw and bootloader, subsequent fw updates can be done from within MP the usual way, plus there’s a BRD parameter that can be set to opt for reboot to dfu-mode instead of reboot to bootloader.

cheers, basti.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I have seen the post and tried following the steps on flashing. I must be doing something wrong on the dfu-util step. Everytime I try running the dfu-util, the program instantly shuts down. The board is being put into dfu mode when I start it (omnibus f4 v2, push dfu button when powering on). I have used Zadig to put a WinUSD driver on it. There is probably something very simple that I am missing.


So I am stuck on getting any program to recognize the board when in DFU mode. I have tried Dfuse and nothing comes up. Any ideas? Also, once I get it to show up whats next. I am completely new to working with this if you haven’t noticed.

I finally got the board into DFU mode after removing several driver problems (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzFi0ABXpow). Now I am stuck on how to write the code linked to the board. Any recommendations?


After changing the .sh to .bat, how do I send it to the board?