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FinWingHobby VTBIRD1.5

(Benxu) #21

Thanks for your invitations!
Yeah, $99.9 is the basic kits for dual motors and single pusher. if want to make VTOL only need to adding CNC motor mount, 4+1 simply only need two front CNC motor mounts and few cheap parts is done, extra cost is less than $20.0 to achieve a 4+1 VTOL frame kits (not including electronic parts) if want to make Tilt rotor frame required two more tilt servo and two set of CNC parts as well

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(Greg Covey) #22

Thanks for your reply and welcome to the APM forums!

The VTBIRD looks like a versatile and interesting design. I’m looking forward to its release!

(rollys) #23
  • When will a 4+1 VTOL kit be available?
  • What’s the estimated lowest cost shipping to the USA?


(Benxu) #24

Estimated in August or September.
Not sure shipping cost, depends on the actual packing size, weight and shipping method, I don’t know packing size and wight until I owned a molded kits.


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(wsalopek) #25

Bump for developments…


(rollys) #26

Just following up to find out progress and when this will be available for shipping.


(rollys) #27

@Benxu Will the VTBIRD1.5 QuadPlane kit ever become available?