Failing to connect to QGroundPlanner and MissionPlanner for 3DR X8 drone with PX4

Just as described, I can provide power into the drone via the USB cable, and it will do the breathing blue LED startup sequence, then it will give a quickly flashing red LED and a tone (GPS Failed tone). Then, when I try to do the setup outside, with the GPS connection, I get a purple light quickly flashing and the low battery tone, which, once plugged in, is replaced by the first, quick red flashing LED with the same low battery tone. The battery is definitely charged, as I left it plugged in all weekend.

I’m used to not having to have GPS or battery plugged in for any kind of connection to occur, and I cannot even connect now. I’ve already tried to download the latest version of QGroundControl, as well as their stable build, and the latest Mission Planner.


I got it out of this mode after forcing the firmware onto the copter via play with the USB cords, but am now stuck in standby mode: (Stuck in Standby mode?)