Fail to set Dshot on pixhawk 1

@Franck_fr May be you can try to push the safety switch while powerup the pix, may be with the battery

Other thing is conect usb on the port that is marked usb on the pix

Ok I will try soon
BR John

Already done this port is broken as well…

@Franck_fr mmmmm when you connect the pix to the pc, its recognized?

@Franck_fr try to set serial 0 to -1( mean none),and set serial 1 (telem1) to mavlink2 baudrate 115200, and tey with the telem1 port as you soy that connect with the ftdi.
May be you can try to connect the pix to stm32cube to try upload bootloader

No it isn’t recognised :frowning:

I just have to push the button at startup ? It isn’t needed to put a new firmware file anywhere ? For instance in the micro sd card ?

Yes good idea, in this case why not using MP to do this ? And my question is, if I change the bootloader will it repair the internal usb driver ? Does the bootloader is responsible of the usb running ?

Oups, I don’t know Stm32cube, do you have an example ?

May be, because the bootloader have the initial drivers, i guías

Yes, i use this for program sone stm32 dévices, for example, the matek h743

You can look for this in the stm32 Page, its free

@Franck_fr try this Loading a bootloader with DFU — Dev documentation

I was just reading this page. Thanks John :slight_smile:

@Franck_fr i hope that you can unbrick your pixhawk!

I hope too ! Thanks John

@Franck_fr yes, i think that DFU mode is the only way to get the pixhawk(and many other MCUs) back to life!

I think so too. I will do soon

Hi John,
I succeded to repair my usb ports simply with a pushing of the safety switch at start up ! Great !!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

@Franck_fr very good news!! :+1: