External Toshiba LED Pixracer

FYI https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/pull/10970
Not sure when it might make it in.

Is the NeoPixel support geared toward the new crop of “Betaflight” F4/F7 flight controllers?

No, it’s been written such that it will be available on all boards

Will it be as simple as defining a PWM output for the LED pin in the hwdef.dat file?

No, as simple as setting as servo option to LED in Missionplanner or your gcs of choice.



So, the LED pin could be defined as a servo too then?

Possibly. It would depend on timer assignments and dma mapping, so I don’t think a general answer would be useful without proper investigation.

OK, so here’s an example. For the KakuteF7, the buzzer pin is defined as:


in order to get the tones from a “dumb” buzzer. There is a commented out definition in the hwdef.dat for the LED pin:

#PD12  TIM4_CH1 TIM4 PWM(7) GPIO(56) # led pin

I’m making a big assumption that this works as “Servo7”. and if it does work, then uncommenting it and setting the output type to NeoPixel - in MP - should do the trick. So, getting back to my original question, can this be fixed to a specific type in the hwdef.dat file?