External compass QMC5883L calibration error (99) on APM 1.0

I bought 3.3 volt external compass QMC5883L and add its library on Arducopter version 3.2.1
my hardware is APM 1.0, and driver header files located at here however when edit config.h and ArduCopter.pde to make instant of driver, in calibration process in mission planner it says , it can read 3 date and error #99
any help really appreciated


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to check wiring and hardware healthy I use simple Arduino I2C example on APM 1.0 platform and it’s worked , but no success to run AP compass lib example

Support for QMC5883L as been added to 3.5.4, that you cannot be loaded on a APM 1.0

You migh consider these options : find a HMC5883L , write the code for QMC5883L or updrade FC

thanks for your comment , actually QMC5883L lib for 3.5.4 version is bit different to GY-271 data sheet , so I change the lib in the way to bypass calibration in initialization, it’s work now and I’m dealing with correct orientation , but without any actual test I can’t tell whether this lib correct or not