ESP8266 WIFI on pixhawk

Why do not you use an hc-12 instead?
and serial and has an acceptable speed and reach

Because you need a receiver, wifi can get connected to a laptop or smartphone without extra hardware, or to 10 phones at a time.

or use a translator or it will be complicated through WiFi

Does MAVESP8266 work well with ESP07s?

Yes, works fine with esp07/12

My intention is to use an ESP8266 module to which I have loaded the latest firmware (firmware-esp12e.bin) which works perfectly and I can connect to the module and configure them, even there.

My problem is that I want to put it in STATION mode so that it connects to the Wifi module of the Dragonlink V3. I have tried several configurations, but I have no idea about networks and I can’t connect.

This is the DL Wi-Fi configuration in TCP mode:

WiFi Setup:

The module ID is " DragonLink "
The Wifi Password is " DragonLink "


Choose TCP connection with a baud rate of 115,200
Ip address to use:
Port to use: 1

This is the my ESP8266 Wi-Fi configuration

WiFi Mode: Station
AP SSID: ArduPilot
AP Password (min len 8): ardupilot
WiFi Channel: 11
Station SSID: DragonLink
Station Password: DragonLink
Station IP:
Station Gateway:
Station Subnet:
Host Port: 1
Client Port: 1
Baudrate: 115200

Can you help me with the configuration?:sweat_smile:
a greeting

Ive never used the devices you have, but two devices cant both have the same IP address.
I’d suggest change one of them to
The subnets will need to be something like for all devices.

Usually non-routable (private) devices have IP ranges like 10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x

Any workaround to flash FC firmware using mavesp8266 directly over wifi ?

OTA flashing directly to the flight controller isn’t really supported but if the esp8266 is on a serial port enabled by the bootloader (check the hwdef-bl.dat for your board) then it might work sometimes. Problem is that if you loose packets it’ll fail and you’ll need to retry / use USB. If you really need OTA firmware updates it’s best to use a companion computer.

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Hello Eeveryone,

I followed the tutorial ESP8266 wifi telemetry — Copter documentation

I am using the adafruit board, connected directly without 3.3 converter or level-converter.

It works really good, until it doesn’t. Sometimes its about 30 minutes and then it randomly disconnects.

Can anyone provide a solution for this PLEASE?



Is the recommended Baud Rate 921?

Yes, all of mine are configured that way.

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