ErleRobotics is dead, is there any chance to use ArduCopter 4.0.3 on PxfMini?

Will look around my HDD, perhaps will find some OS image for RBPi+PXFMini from ErleRobotics.

Guys I found OS image from ErleRobotics. Unziped 16GB, zipped 2.7GB. Unfortunatelly my dropbox space is limited to 2GB, so I can put it there only partially, and when you copied first part I will put there second partt. Would it by OK for you?

Hi LosPalos @lospalos

I am wondering if you have a set of parameters working for a decent version of Copter 4.X on a PXFMINI?

I’m getting issues with Internal Errors, on Copter 4.1.0 with PXFMINI.

I’m wondering if your build on PXF was stable. Thanks!

I’m afraid the params are lost for copter, but perhaps I will find build. It was working. Anyway the same way I build image for copter now I build also image for AntennaTracker and it works as well.

I guess copter build 4.0.3 is a part of image I shared. It was stable for sure, I made some flights with it.

You can get the parameters from a log file from the flights.

Can you send me a link to your image? I can give you a drive folder you can use if you have no space.

I’m also trying to work on my own custom raspberry pi replacement, as well put PXF working with Copter 4.1.

Doing lots of parallel work myself.

Yes please, give me the drive folder.

Try this link, I uploaded zipped image with RBPi and there should be also build of arducopter 4.0.3

I just saw this.

If possible, do you have the Param File you used, incase it is not saved in the image?


As I wrote above unfortunatelly no

Last question for now, when you flew, did you use a second external compass?

For sure yes, I tested it with combo GPS/Compass and also with standalone HMC-5883 on breakout board. As I recall it now it was requirement to set i2c ?address? somehow on raspberry and it is described somewhere in another discussion. But it was using external compass as I had problems with internal one - it got lots of interference from RBPi board.
Even now when loaded with AntennaTracker it uses only external compass.

Yep I’m working on this and I’m having issues with an external compass, same one you described.

I can see the results of the i2c showing in Mission Planner as well on Linux that the Compass is detected. If you know more about that setting address, let me know. I also took a look and didn’t find anything.

In mission planner, with external, my mz, mx, my values are not increasing/decreasing, only my internal ones. I also get bad compass health (as the HMC compass didn’t report anything and its remaining static and not reporting anything at all. heading does not move with my external).

To me, this seems like software problem, I have duplicate boards, and I checked the boards are being powered/level shifted correctly.