Dual Rx input insanity - Herelink and RFD900x SBUS passthrough

Yeah I agree, or at least thats how the logs show it, it may just be a bug in how dual RCIN is logged though? I have had two different SBUS inputs plugged into it, into both RCIN and multiple serial ports, on a cube black and orange. Both receivers work fine independently, and both look like normal SBUS on the scope, somewhere in the innards the wheels are falling off though :slight_smile:

Any updates to this, its on a customers aircraft who is wanting it back in the air.

Bump… (this is a complete sentence)

There was an update to the RFD firmware with the following entry in the change log

  • added sbus1 output option with no signal when link lost

This may help the flight controller better detect the failsafe condition in the RFD, which might stop the loop.

Another thought is that maybe the SBus signals have different update rates (50hz vs 150hz) and the code is locking on to one frequency and misinterpreting the other. It might be worth checking both of the SBus signals to see if they differ.

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RFD is on 3.16, the update rates are curious thought though. Ill investigate

SBUS frequency on herelink 50Hz, SBUS frequency on RFD900x 111Hz…