Drone doesn't response to RC when ı use loiter mode

I have a Cube Orange Plus and I use 6 Hobbywing X8 motors, along with here 3 GPS modules. When I use the Stabilize mode without propellers, this mode works correctly. However, when I use the Loiter mode without propellers, it initially works correctly but afterward, when I command the RC to stop, the drone doesn’t respond. I cannot stop the engines and it does not detect the commands I give from my remote control, but it does this immediately in stabilized mode, but not at all in the loiter.
Can you help me ?

Tests on the bench and without props are not valid - it wont behave how you expect.
The copter wants to fly.
MissionPlanner motor test is the important bit, do multiple tests and “All in sequence” to check the motor order and the spin direction of each.


@Osman_Kadayif the explanation that @xfacta gave and many other useful information is on this Blog post: Methodically tune (almost) any multicopter using ArduCopter 4.4.x

Read it, follow it, and post the edited .param files :slight_smile: