Dolphin fly - altitude oscilations

@Leonardthall as per your request, a new thread with the dolphin fly issue.

We flew multiple tests with terrain follow enabled. The parameter RNGFND_FILT does nothing for us to stabilize flight. In this post Dolphin fly (big altitude oscillation) in rangefinder based Auto Mission - #17 by buckker you describe a parameter PSC_TC_Z. We do not see that in Mission Planner. Our firmware is 4.3.0. After changing parameters we do a reboot of the system.

It would make sense to me if there is a seperate PID controller for terrain follow vs. using GPS or barometer, but perhaps I am wrong. I do not see a PID setup for terrian follow so I have to assume it uses the main controller. What other options do we have?

We have numerous bin files at this location:

Let me know what else I can provide?


I don’t have access to the logs.

I was hoping the Google Drive link would prompt for access. Try this link: Drone Flights - 2022.11

It provides access until the 1st of December 2022.

What are you asking someone to do with 25 log files?

Sorry, that was for @Leonardthall who requested the log files. We have a Dolphin issue when using terrain follow. We also see instability when using optical flow. Previously in another post we noted a parameter called PSC_TC_Z which we do not see in Copter 4.3.0.

We made some changes to our sensor output using a low pass filter and now the dolphin fly issues seems to be resolved. At least for now. We’ll have to test more environments.

I am not looking through 25 log files. You will need to point to a specific log file.