Cube orange and loop rates

I’m running a naked cube orange on the bench and setup dshot
as the load is 16% maximum I’d like to ask if higher loop rates would be possible
1k perhaps?

The short answer is yes, higher loop rates are possible. However, they are experimental so weird things might happen at higher rates, and CPU load is not the limiting factor.

I recommend searching on this forum about it. There’s plenty of discussion about practical limits, such as this thread: LOOP RATE higher than 800 and telemetry message issue

but it looks like it was not pursued further

just for curiosity I set the loop rate to 1000 and load was 30%
but I didn’t check anything further

There are some other posts about loop rate also. Any benefit you hope to gain will be overridden by other problems. I played around with this on a PixRacer and a F4 Nano and overall it just wasn’t stable. I think my 3" F4 Nano is still at 800Hz but there was nothing really gained by doing so.

What is your goal by doing this?

as dshot is running quite fast I wanted the Pixhawk to keep up :wink: