Copter-4.3.0-beta1 released!


I’ve never used this particular flight controller but in general you can change what each serial port is used for by setting SERIALx_PROTOCOL.

I might ask @andyp1per to help you out with the RCOutput issue although it’s not clear to me exactly what problem you’re seeing. Are you saying that the LEDs on the ESCs are not working? … or is it the LEDs on the autopilot or maybe the GPS that are not working?

EDIT: ah, you’re trying to setup Neopixels but can’t get them to work?

LEDs on the ESCs 1-2 are not working

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OK, thanks for the clarification. I’ve added this to the issues list for “requiring investigation” as well.

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I think we covered this in a different thread - PWM1,2 & 9 are all on the same timer so all need to share the same protocol

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Flying with a Pixhawk-2M with Stab, Alt, PosHold, Loiter mode. No issues. Thanks for the great work.



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I flew 6 batteries on two different vehicles yesterday - all was smooth including the upgrade

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Thanks for the work put in just want to clarify support for the Mamba F405 mk4 included the mini 20 x 20 version?

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Yes it does - it least that is the version I have. I think there might be an updated version with a different IMU that I don’t yet have

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This is the one I want to get just want to be sure its supported.

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Version A is currently supported, Version B is not


About EK3_GPS_VACC_MAX there is ek3_src_alt to set to 3 ? Or is it automatic?

Even if set to 1 baro, if gps vacc is below max thershold, ek3 use gps alt instead of baro?

Can someone detail what this means and how it locks arming?

Hi @Quadzilla,

This means that if the FRAME_CLASS or FRAME_TYPE parameters are not set (e.g. left at 0) then it will not be possible to arm the vehicle even if the ARMING_CHECK parameter is set to 0. Instead of arming a message, “Motors: Check frame class and type” will be displayed.

The call to the motor’s library arming_checks() method is here.

Sounds good, Thanks make sense…

Anyone can explain the changes in the use of gps alt instead of baro and how does it work ?

Try to on esc telemtry But cant work
all setting change all protocol test not work
Changing fc uart pin not work
Change SERVO_BLH_ setting not work
There is some other setting that I don’t know

Testing betaflight it’s work

Will there be a problem in the firmware ?

If there is a problem in the firmware then you should check

Fc&esc : skystar h743 hd &km60 blheli_32 esc stack

Changing uart3 to uart4 for gps work ok
Trying esc telemtry uart2 and uart3 not work
@andyp1per @rmackay9

I suggest you wait until mine arrives and then I will be able to do a bdshot version which you will find much better

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hello, does this release have the option of changing altitude during mission or guided?

Hi! I tested the shiny new beta (works great!) on a wild 5" quad and really like the new “Arm / Emergency Stop” RC switch option (154), which restarts the motors if I accidentaly bump the switch.

But I noticed that it doesn’t enable airmode, contrary to the “Arm / Disarm” option (41) that I used before. Is it expected?

(Of course I can workaround it e.g. by configuring an unused channel as “Airmode” (84) or (for acro) by setting a bit in ACRO_OPTIONS.)

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We had some discussion about this. We thought it was better that airmode be on explicitly through an option rather than implicitly through some other function - but happy to hear why it would make more sense to do it as part of this.