Copter-4.0.0-rc1 available for beta testing!

Am I reading this right. There is some roadmap towards redundant flight controllers. If so thats really cool.
Would be interesting to read how that would work.

So I noted in the code that SBF and GPS_yaw would be reportable via logs.
Does this mean that the Pixhawk Cube (e.g.) would log the Septentrio dual antenna baseline PVT solution?
I am currently logging GPS coords only via a COM1 output from our Septentrio AsteRx to Telem2.
Getting that super precise heading logged would be big.

We also fly with a Here+ RTK L1 system. Will be interesting to see the GPS heading accuracy comparisons there if both can log the data.

Great work devs!

Thank you very much!!

I had it working. Had to completely drop dronekit and use pymavlink. A bit more difficult but a lot more powerful.

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@Corrado_Steri, thanks for the feedback. Yes, it appears that dronekit doesn’t handle the _INT messages. I didn’t realise this but I’ve added it to our DroneKit Rescue Project proposal. AP hasn’t decided yet if it will fund this but it might.

Hi @rmackay9, is there any more detailed description of “Bendy Ruler” algo? I found short note in Advanced Configuration doc and the code itself of course. Thank you in advance,

Heading with Septentrio gear isn’t in the Copter 4.0 beta, but there is a pull request to add support for it here which I’m hopeful will grant us this capability.

@quadsours, re altitude hold issues, can you provide a log over in the “Alt Hold issues in Copter 4.0”? If you’ve got back-to-back tests with 3.6.11 vs 4.0.0 that would be really valuable… but … whatever you have would be helpful.

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Hi, I think there is some thing wrong in the Note 11 d). I have tested the firmware 4.0.0, there is nothing changes about Benenwake TF03, but Benewake TFmini Plus IIC has been involved. Is that right?


ok I give it a shot some of my issues was i was using master and figured hat you guys did not what me reporting issues so soon…


Re the benewake lidar, apparently there was a new option added to the RNGFNDx_TYPE parameter for the TF03. It uses the same driver as the TF02 but the lidar has a longer maximum range (180m) so when the lidar goes out of range, you’ll see it’s reported distance jumps to 181m. Previously it would have jumped to something shorter.

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Hi,thank you for your feed back. I can see the option of TF03 now. But I think the describe of “25 Benewake TFmini Plus” should be changed to “Benewake TFmini Plus IIC” or “Benewake Plus IIC”. Because the Parameter of 25 is only for TFmini Plus IIC version, not for UART version. If I use a uart version TFmini Plus, I should set the parameter to 19 or 20. But when I saw this describe, it make me confuse.

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Is the problem with CAN bus slowing down log downloading trough USB fixed on 4.0.0? If it is not a feature?

“I found out that Log downloading trough USB gets 4x slower when CAN is enabled.
Normally it is around 180-200kB/s, but with CAN enabled it is 30-50KB/s.
This happens even when there is nothing attached to carrier board (only Cube + carrier).”

See: Copter-3.6.11 released!

@VDLJu, thanks for bringing these items up. I missed the report of log downloading slowing down when CAN is enabled so I’ve added it to the issues list so hopefully some of the CAN experts can help out.

Hi, Today, I try to connect Benewake TF03 with a pixhawk used Plan 4.0.0. I chose RNGFNDx_TYPE parameter for the TF03 which is 27. But I CAN’T get the distance from TF03. Is there anything wrong?
And I can get the distance from a Benewake TFmini Plus with the parameter 27. I think that may be a mistake in communication.

Hello. I am trying to enable avoidance in auto mode with a forward facing lidar. I am using firmware 4.0.2. I chose the slide function and the Bendy Ruler function. I tried to repeat for me this flight, which is visible in the sample film. The flight looks completely different. The aircraft does not fly in a straight line from point A to point B, but flies a little to the left and forward, then turns and flies to the right and forward until it reaches the set waypoint. Can I ask you for the settings you need to make to achieve the desired result?