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Copter-3.6.0 released!


(Nik Barkley) #21

Are you talking about a Here2? @rickyg32

(RickyG) #22

Zubax GNSS V2 GPS…sorry should have said that.
Is the Here a canport GPS. If so then it should have the same settings and would love to see them

(Nik Barkley) #23

I believe there is an option to run the Here2 via CAN but I am running it in the native configuration through the GPS1 port which I believe is i2c, so I don’t think my params will be much help to you unfortunately.

(RickyG) #24

thanks for stepping up Nik,
It’s appreciated.

(Javad Rouhollah) #25

Hi there
I am updated my pixhawk with copter 3.6.0 but when I am trying to connect the mission planner with the 433 MHz telemetry it is not connecting .
Can u suggest any solution.
Thank you

(Nik Barkley) #26

Not sure if this is a good spot to ask this, but I just updated to 3.6.1 and I am getting intermittent bad Gyro Health errors fairly frequently now, during flight as well as on the ground, and also some bad GPS health errors that aren’t quite as frequent.

Anyone else experiencing this? any remedy?