Copter-3.5.4 has been released!

LE. Nevermind me. It was a hardware issue. I’ve changed the GPS/mag and it calibrated OK.

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Telemetry on SERIAL5 is a very good news! Is it also possible to use for Frsky SPort?

Was smart RTL in this release? Nevermind sorry forgot you mentioned it was going to roll out in 3.6!!

It’s the Drotek Pixhawk 3. It’s quite a nice bump in cpu & ram compared to the stm32f427 in most pixhawk derivatives.

Ah right. It would need to be for 240euros…

Yes, Serial5 can be used for the FRSky SPort it seems. I haven’t tried it personally but it should work.

Good Randy. I will test during we

I have some problem with my pixhawk clone: I do not why but whn tring to upgrade mission planner does not recognize the board so I can only “load custom firmware”, but on the official repository latest stable 3.5.4 is not available. Where can I find it? I need to download on a quad


I found my Navio2 3.5.4 version there.

on the link you can find 3.5.4-rc2
I’m not sure this is same of stable version of 3.5.4

3.5.4 is in the “Stable” folder,


@Antonio, it’s probably an issue with the bootloader on the board not being recognised. I think MichaelOborne has a list of recognised bootloaders that the MP look at when it’s trying to decide what firmware to load. So that list just needs to be extended with the signature on the bootloader of the board you’ve got. I have no idea how to do that though.
By the way 3.5.4-rc2 and the official 3.5.4 are exactly the same except for the name.

@Marc: on “stable” folder I was looking on sub-folder “PX$-quad” and there is only 3.4.6. On sub-folder “PX4” I can find official 3.5.4.

@Randy: I will contact Michael in order to check with him how to overcome the problem.

thanks all

I’ve tested serial5 telemetry for frsky and it works fine for the very basi.
Now I’m going to implement an HUB on my Taranis Plus following this guide:

thats great , can you just please tell me what kind of hardware is needed to conect telem5 to frsky ,do we need something like tenesy board , or some other hardware …

@drvic I’m using a smple uart to SPort converter as in the figure

from the guidelines here.

Up to know I’ve checked whether the messages are flowing to SPort of my X8R FrSky module and we see everything is ok.
I’m going to implement a simple HUD to check main parameters using this script.

More details on FrSky telemetry on ardupilot wiki (here)

I’ve not checked but I think it is possible to use as well the C&T FlightDeck.

I found goo discussion on LUA script here

I hope I’m not too much off-topic :slight_smile:

great , shure will try this , but if you could just tell me what transistors are those … just any npn , or …

I’ve used the BC547 but I would assume and npn is ok

Hello!!! I had bad success with Auto Tune in 3.5.4. Three atemts and the three of them crash. I do not understand what is wrong. I upload the log file for help please.