Copter-3.5.0-rc2 has been released for beta testing

Matt, thanks for having a look!
I am using autotune since the beginning and it is the first time that the new PIDs have not been saved. This is why I posted it here. However, from the log it seems that it completed Pitch, Roll and Yaw tuning. So this is a little strange to me. I am also not 100% sure but I guess there was no autotune complete message.
I had some problems autotuning this configuration before. But the result was wrong PIDs which had been saved. So, I hope for less wind tomorrow…


Solo battery was the first SMBUS implementation ArduPilot had for quite a long time. We have now added Maxell too (thanks to Tatsuya Yamaguchi for the contribution). Since this is a standard protocol we hope to generalize the driver in the future, but unfortunately both of these brands don’t completely respect the standard.

Hi John,

Great to read that everything is working even better!

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Test flew 3.5.0.rc2 on Auav Pixracer on F450.
Stab, Alt Hold, Circle, Loiter, Poshold, Auto Mision with RTL and Disarm, and AutoTune in Loiter.

Al worked great !, No problems. Kudos" to all.
Best Version yet. LOVE the new Autotune. Even in a 5~10 mph breeze, once it drifted downwind 20 feet or so and yaw spun around to face wind direction, it just stayed over a a 5 foot spot. Amazing !

Thanks for all the work you all have put into this.

Hi All,

Can anyone post a video later of the new autotune with position hold?


I made some further Autotune tests with different copters and 3.5 rc2. Today it worked perfectly on the small quad. But again I had one autotune on a bigger hexa where the new PIDs had not been saved. Apart from that tunes are perfect! The autotune waltz is nice to watch as well!

Please open new topics when you have specific issues - and, for better support, provide plenty of information, including logs.

Nice to see 3.5 coming along. Any idea when the final version should be out?

If the plan is to release a new release candidate every week and the upcoming one (or more) will have only bug fixes, then I assume early April. Looking forward to that position hold autotune. :slight_smile:

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Donation Made! We will also do a corporate donation shortly…


I don’t know if this warrants a new thread, it was mentioned here: Gimbal help v3.5rc1

Servo gimbal - reverse direction does not work (was working in 3.4.x). Specifically, in my case (and the other linked thread) the ‘SERVO9_REVERSED’ parameter is not reversing the servo direction when set to 1.

This is still the case in rc2…

Great work, Randy! Really looking forward to trying this when the weather clears =)

Glad the autotune with position hold worked well. Yes, the yaw scared me the first time too.
You asked about the donate button, it’s here, thanks!:

thanks for the report on the gimbal reversal. I’ll add that to our to-do list to fix.
Yes, we should create some of these reports in new threads.

On Feb 5th
I reported
I have a Quad with a Pixhawk and Taranis. and a servo gimble for the Lidar Lite. Since I downloaded V.3.5rc1 the Tilt(Pitch) .gimbal is reversed. In the Mission Planer gimbal setup page the does not let you reverse it. Also it looks like that page does not control the setup any more.
Any help please
On Feb 12th
The gimbal is made up using 2 servo’s, Not programmable, controlling my Lidar-Lite lazer height sensor If I go back to v3.4.4 all works fine. So it is a fault with V3.5rc1. setup, but I can’t get any of the developers to take notice.

Hi OAPpilot,
Sorry for not responding. I’ve put the servo reversing on the to-do list for AC3.5. thanks for the report!

In case anyone is interested, I shot video performing an autotune on the pitch axis with the new 3.5-rc2 PosHold AutoTune.


Thanks for the demo John.Very useful.

I update 3.5.0-rc2 to 3.5.0-rc3 and the analog sonar EZ0 dont work anymore, I use a quad ,
how can I downgrade to 3.5.0-rc2 beta?

I try with roll axis and pos hold today and work nice.