CC3D STM32F4 based flight boards

I have number of these in quads CC3D with out barometer will they work ?

That’s an F1 board, not F4, so no. Not supported, and unlikely to ever be (as a full ArduPilot flight controller).

All instructions and files are given for the “Revo Nano”.
Will all this work with the “Revo”? I’m about to go for it.

EDIT: YES (at least the FW installation)
I tried different approaches, but finally (in this order):

  • Get into DFU mode by bridging the two pads
  • Connect the Revo through USB
  • Update drivers through Zadig
  • Go to betaflight environment (or whatever the name) and select “Load Firmware [Local]”
  • Select the .hex file downloaded from (if the _bl is used next update can be done directly from Mission Planner (not tested yet))
  • Disconnect and remove the bridge
  • Reboot and done

I have a Revo and a FrSky X8R (which wors fine with an APM). What pin am I supposed to use to input my RC signals using SBUS? Documentation says “RC input PPM/sBus on RC input port’s signal pin 1” which doesn’t work (that is the ground pin according to LibrePilot documentation). LibrePilot docs say such PPM signal should arrive through pin 5 (4 for the RevoNano), which doesn’t work either.
I have tried various pins to no avail. Any hint?

(I’m using this thread because my questions fit the tittle although the original question was in a different direction. Point me to a better location if needed)

No one? :disappointed_relieved:
I just upgraded to the new 3.9 stable and still “No RC receiver”. I found this pointing me to pin 5 of the “RC INPUT” port of the Revo, but I’m still not getting any RC signal. I tried two receivers that work fine with a Pixhawk but I can’t get the Revo to see any of them.

What firmware is compatible/supported in or for a CC3D flight controller?
I have not ordered one yet, but I have only short listed one for my very first entry into multi-copter vehicles.

Second question:
What entry level board (or otherwise) is suitable for use with Ardupilot?

I am a complete beginner, so apologies up front!


Revo and Revo mini but I don’t see any reason to use them. Supported boards:

What are you planning on building?

I am planning on building the most simple quadcopter first. The motivation is for it to provide a learning exercise, a “student project” if you will.

However, ultimately, I have been asked to participate in the construction and development of a VTOL fixed wing aircraft for specific agricultural type application.
I have extensive experience in fixed wing models and composite construction and design.

But…I have to start where I am, that is with zero multi-copter experience.

Thanks for the reply and the question.